Robin Winfield





    Smith College, Northampton, MA
    B.A. Fine Arts Major

Exhibitions and Gallery Affiliations:

   2017  Robin Winfield Studio and Gallery, Carmel CA (from 2009)
   2017  Rice/Polak Gallery, Provincetown MA (from 1992)
   2017  Winfield Gallery, Carmel CA (from 1994)
   2015  Gallery Strada, one person show, Fresno CA
   2013  The Winfield Family, A spectrum of Vision 1940 to the Present,
                 Carl Cherry Center for the Arts, Carmel CA
   2012  Center for Photographic Arts, Juried Competition and Exhibition, Carmel CA
   2011  "Lens to Brush" Kuehner Gallery, John Burroughs School St. Louis MO  
   2010  Opened Robin Winfield Studio and Gallery, Carmel CA
   2009  New Work, Winfield Gallery, Carmel, CA
   2009  Finer Things Gallery, Nashville TN  (from 1998)
   2008  Sanders Gallery, Fresno, CA 
   2006  Center for Photographic Arts, Center Awards Juried Exhibition, Carmel CA
   2005  Monterey Museum of Art, Juried Competition, Monterey, CA
   2005  My California: Views from the Golden State", Juried Competition
                 (Nathan Olivera, Juror), National Steinbeck Center, Salinas CA
   2005  Galerie Govreau, Fresno, CA  (from 2003)
   2004  Center for Photographic Art, 14th Annual Center Awards Juried Competition
                 Carmel,  CA
   2004  Adams Bay, Palm Desert, CA  (from 1999)
   2003  "Creative Relations" Alvarado Gallery, Monterey CA
   2003  Museumworks, Aspen CO
   2003  "New Artists", The New Fisher Gallery, Albuquerque, MN
   2003  "Recent Travels", Finer Things Gallery, Nashville, TN 
   1999  "Doorways to Mexico", Finer Things Gallery, Nashville, TN 
   1998  "Doorways of San Miguel de Allende", The Grove Homescapes,
                 Pacific Grove, CA
   1998  "Thresholds: Mexican Streetscapes", La Galeria de Casa Latina,
                 University of California, Santa Cruz, CA 
   1997  "New Work: Mexico", Winfield Gallery, Carmel, CA
   1997  "Winfield/Johnson Show", The Gallery, Burlingame, CA
   1996  Juried Exhibition, Monterey Museum Of Art, Monterey, CA  
   1995  "Relics, Ruins and Remains", Erector Square Gallery, New Haven, CT
   1995  Hall-Barnett Gallery, New Orleans, LA  (from 1992)
   1995  "Winfield/Johnson Show", Zane Skylar Gallery, Monterey, CA
   1994  Viewpoint Gallery, Carmel, CA  (from 1991)
   1994  "Urban Landscapes", juried show, Art St. Louis, St. Louis, MO
   1994  Elliot Smith Contemporary Art Gallery, St. Louis, MO   (from 1993)
   1993  "All About Boats", Elliot Smith Contemporary Art Gallery, St. Louis, MO
   1993 "Art St. Louis IX The Exhibition", Juried Exhibition, Art St. Louis, St. Louis, MO
   1993  "Chairs, Doors and Windows", Juried Exhibition, Art St. Louis,  St. Louis, MO
   1993  "100% Photography Show", Hopkins Gallery, Wellfleet, MA  (from 1991)
   1992  Lubbock or Leave It, Solo Exhibition, Austin, TX
   1992  Kerrytown Concert Hall, Solo Exhibition, Ann Arbor, MI 
   1992  Bonsack Gallery, Solo Exhibition, John Burroughs School, St. Louis, MO
   1991  "Looking Inside and Out", Interwoven Designs Gallery, St. Louis, MO
   1990  Mortan J. May Foundation Gallery, Solo Exhibition,
               Maryville University, St. Louis, MO


   2011   Robin Winfield Book of Art Works,
   2005   Cover Art for Home Owner Haiku, Frog Ltd
   1998   California Art of the State, Recent Visions, Harry Abrams


Monterey Herald Feature Article    May 21, 2010

On the surface and beneath           

Robin Winfield is doing the same kind of thing she did when I last saw her art 10 years ago, but it still struck me as fresh. She places a photo near the center of her canvas, then paints in the rest. Her works make an absorbing contrast between the so-called reality of photography and the artifice of good painting.